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If you need professional 3D CAD modeling, technical drawings, or quick simulations done, Quickr Design has you covered. I am a degreed mechanical engineer, have 7 years of product development experience, including automotive component design, consumer products, structural design, and more. I have Advanced Professional Solidworks certifications, and am capable of any type of CAD design service you may need. Contact me today for a quote. I live in the Atlanta area, and can drive to meet you if necessary.

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Get your designs into 3D CAD.
We use Solidworks 2020 and Fusion 360, but can work with many other CAD formats.

Engineering Plans

Get your design onto paper, PDF, or 3D PDF.

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Get your design into a manufacturable product.
We have years of experience in product development, including injection molding, sheet metal fabrication, steel and aluminum structures, and metal machining.


Develop your product quicker with Simulation. Analyze your design for stress and strain, vibrational frequencies, thermal expansion, and more.

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Translate your 3D design into a photorealistic rendering.